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THE SIBSTER FILE does a self-evaluating study within the context of the community where it is cribbed for secure healthy organic LIFE growth and maintenance. It explores and assesses in response to the brain's informing about the state of being of the self in the geographical context where it is jugged.


THE SIBSTER FILE does a self-evaluating study within the context of the community where it is cribbed for secure healthy organic LIFE growth and maintenance. It explores and assesses in response to the brain's informing about the state of being of the self in the geographical context where it is jugged.

Within its organic span, the normal healthy human brain never ceases informing about the state of being of the self and about where it is condemned to be where it belongs. It is here the self feels it belongs, condemned to live its span. here is home for the organic self; here is the self's natural habitat.

The here is the self's nuclear family home. The here is the community where are planted the farmlands; where are located the factories; where are situated the churches; where are established the markets; where are lodged the recreation grounds; and where are organized the schools. It is in the here that the self inter-acts with other selves for consciousness. Here the brains direct and inform; and the selves need to listen and respond, operate and perform, directing and creating what phenomena, what changes, what circumstances, what situations, what structures and what wants the selves call for in order to bring about in the community, in the schools, in the markets, in the churches, on the playgrounds, in and on the farmlands, in the factories, in the work-shops, and in the families the called-for requirements for the selves to establish the appropriate needed homeostasis.

When a person is very healthy where does he/she perceive the presence of his/her being? Which part of his being announces to him the perception of him as life, hale and hearty? Where is it announced to him life? Does a strand of hair on his person announce to him the presence of life? Does a nail of a finger tell him this much that he is alive? When the body needs nutrients and some nutrition of sort under the body's metabolism processing, the intestines send involuntary signals to the brain. When some foreign parasites steal their way into the intestines, the brain alerts of the dangerous presence of a body or bodies in the being of the person. This is an indication of the internal awareness of a sort the vitality of the person is kicking. But where, and how, do you as a life phenomenally perceive you are not sick at all, and that you are a life? And what is this life you feel happy you have now?

This is pretty much different from Descartes' perception of his consciousness. Thinking tells of life, Descartes claims. We are building up, and accumulating knowledge, useful information every second, and upgrading our skills, actuating our potentials. But to what use, to what practical uses and purposes, do we put our acquired knowledge? The chances glare and, or spite our presence here. This dearth of inactivity is a handicap to our worth as lives. We need to make our environment tell of our mental growth and worth. Hence the presence in our midst now of THE SIBSTER DAILY FILE. We are a journal, a news and culture magazine. We explore our interiority for short-comings, analyzing our exteriors for corrective healthy growth.

THE SIBSTER DAILY FILE is the normal healthy brain's mouth-piece that alerts demanding that the self in its peculiar ruling circumstances and situations provide for the brain's demands to enable it bring about for the self in the given context in the community the required, most appropriate homeostasis.

THE SIBSTER DAILY FILE reports alerting in deference to our ruling circumstances and situations of the parameters in print articles and stories that inform, criticize, entertain, or advertise after exhaustive explorations, probes, and investigations. Our ruling times are unique and curious. We assert our earth planet is richer and securer now for our organic individual growth by our trove of scientific accumulating knowledge. The earth's crust of our Earth-planet and its oceans entomb for growing wealth all the millennia of all the organic materials and matter defunct, of heterotrophs, and denatured to-date for decomposition, disintegration, and dissolution of cells, of microbes, and of atoms for the soil's enrichment by healthy absorption and incorporation. We only now are confronted with the challenge to devise and design appropriate technologies that will detect for extraction and utilization these substances that, by their peculiar physical nature, are hostile to and are not enough receptive for the health and development of the soil and atmosphere to safeguard organic matter for healthy life growth. The times are curious, and uniquely so.

The curious uniqueness of the ruling times is that, contrary to all appearances, the self feeds much better and healthier and refuses to go hungry and suffer food deficiencies for healthy living. We are curiously unique because old age is no longer a burden; nor are we prepared to allow it to. Dotard needs to produce healthier produces and products and to teach much healthier lessons for life securing growth for and from essential accumulating data that date back to nothingness. Our communication skills are sharper, and securer, and healthier, and faster, and more effective now here.

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Magic is no longer a mystery for what physical energies have come to inform and instruct it is. Myths are out and obsolete. Oh yes! A sperm does not fertilize a sperm; a sperm fertilizes, and can only fertilize an ovum.

Ancient traditional belief systems that carried sorcery and witches and wizards for occult diabolism; imagined angels and imagined paradises and gloomy hells and murky purgatories and limbos today only entertain. It is all an established secular sphere that seeks to transcend reality. The galaxies and stars stare us naked in the eye, all devoid of, and eager for organic human touches. They are we are all physical. PHUSIS. It is the Earth-planet holds much promise of security and hope for organic life. It is the organic matter that is of essence and to which THE SIBSTER FILE JOURNAL clings and devotes attention.

Read us; yes or no, we read you.

Gregory Ofei Obuobi (author, editor and publisher).